Frequently asked questions

Where is Sentinal located?

We are conveniently located at Shop 1 in the Jindabyne Town Centre shopping complex, with ample parking front and rear.

Why should we rent our snow gear from Sentinal?

We have a wide range of skis, snowboards, boots, outerwear and protection for all ages and abilities. We only stock the best gear and our boots, clothing and helmets are new every year! Our highly trained and experienced team are all well seasoned snow sports enthusiasts, who are eager to share their passion with you and assist you in selecting the right equipment for your needs.

What's better about having new rental equipment?

Ski and snowboard technology is always advancing, giving the user lighter weights, improved performance and quicker progression. New skis and snowboards also slide more smoothly and grip better for increased control and confidence!

New ski and snowboard boots offer a better fit, more padding and more support than older boots, giving increased comfort and performance so you can enjoy your time on the mountain more!

New snow pants and jackets are warmer and more waterproof than old garments, keeping you toastier and dryer!

When can we pick up and drop back our rental gear?

You may pick up your rental gear after 3PM on the day before your rental start date and drop it back before 10AM the day after your rental end date, at no extra charge.

What if I or my kids want to try skiing and snowboarding during our trip?

You are welcome to swap your skis for a snowboard (or vice versa) of the same performance level free of charge during your rental period!

What's the difference between Carve, Performance and Demo skis and snowboards?


Adult Carve Skis:
Soft, forgiving skis, perfect for first time skiers and those learning to snowplough.

Adult Performance Skis:
Great for those skiing green and easy blue runs, these skis offer increased grip and stability when parallel turning.

Adult Demo Skis:
from blue run cruiser to well-seasoned expert+ skiers, we stock a huge variety of the latest piste, all mountain, big mountain, twin tip and powder skis from top brands to enhance your performance and ski experience.

Kids Carve Skis:
Soft, forgiving skis, perfect for first timers to those learning to make parallel turns.

Kids Performance Skis:
Carve or twin-tip skis, great for kids happy making solid parallel turns and wanting to explore more of the mountain with increased confidence.

Kids Demo Skis:
All mountain, freestyle or race specific skis for experienced junior skiers looking for more performance. (Check out our Demo Skis section for more information).


Adult Carve Snowboard:
A fun snowboard to suit all budgets.

Adult Performance Snowboard:
First timer to novice specific snowboards by Burton, designed to facilitate progression and learn quicker with less falling.

Adult Demo Snowboard:
A wide variety of the latest snowboards from Nitro, Arbor, and Season, great for blue run cruisers – expert+ riders. Whether you want an easy cruiser, park twin-tip, all-mountain, freeride, powder board or are looking to try before you buy, we’ve got something for you to be stoked on!

Kids Beginner and Performance Snowboards:
Beginner to intermediate specific snowboards by Burton, designed to facilitate progression and improve your snowboarding all over the mountain.

Kids Demo Snowboards:
If you love shredding all over the mountain, our Nitro Ariel and Future Team snowboards in a 138cm length will help you to ride faster and jump higher!

What size gear do you rent?

We have a large range of warm and waterproof snow clothing to suit everyone. Sizes range from size 00 in one piece suits for babies, through to adult jackets & pants up to size 12XL. We also have waterproof baby boots and adult snow walking boots up to size 17.

If I return my rental gear early, can I get a refund?

If you have an issue such as an injury, illness or a family matter and have to return your rental gear early, we will issue you with a credit for the remaining unused hire days, which we will credit to your rental account for future use in store!

What happens if my rental gear gets lost, stolen or damaged?

If any of your gear is lost or stolen: We will offer to provide you with replacement items for the rest of your rental period so you can keep enjoying your trip. You will be charged the replacement cost of the lost, stolen or damaged items, which will be refunded if your gear is returned in its original condition.

If your gear is badly damaged but repairable, the minimum cost of a full tune is charged.

If your gear is damaged beyond repair (including, but not limited to: helmet or boots cracked or broken, skis or boards snapped, de-laminated, edge smashed in, bindings broken or base or top sheet badly damaged) then you will be liable for the full replacement cost of the item/s.

Please look after your gear and treat it with respect!

Do you sell snow gear too?

Yes! We offer wide range of ski and snowboard hardware, outerwear, casual wear, footwear, soft goods, bags, goggles, helmets, gloves, hats, tuning products and accessories from many top brands. Visit us in store to see the whole collection.

Can you mend or tune my old skis or board?

Yes! Our WORKSHOP offers a comprehensive range of repair and tuning services to keep your gear running smooth and performing at its best.

What is the refund policy for online bookings?

If you can not make your snow holiday for any reason, please let us know in advance and we can refund your payment minus a 2% transaction fee.

I forgot to use my discount code when I checked out, can I use it now?

Sorry, any promotional or discount codes must be applied in cart before payment and cannot be applied retro-actively.

*** What are your full terms and conditions of rental?

Please view our full terms and conditions here. Link terms

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