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The new Alternator is the result of listing to the team riders and focusing their experiences on a board that offers the best all-terrain ride on the market for any experienced rider. Jared Elston and Griffin Seibert have been avid riders of the team pro, the banker, and team boards, and they wanted to take the best of all these. Dare we say a true quiver killer? The new directional shape, trüe camber, reflex core profile, and diamond band provides natural flex and board support; nitro is renowned for allowing you to maximize any situation. In addition, the bi-lite laminates and powerlite core will provide a response and pop on and off natural or man-made features that professionals demand. Finally, the sintered speed formula ii will give you a new sense of speed that will keep you up at night—built specifically for those looking for the best all-terrian freestyle snowboard the world has ever seen.

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